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8 Essential Exchanges

What You Have to Give Up to Go Up

Every choice is a value statement. The most important exchanges are between really good things and even better things. Those are much harder, but they shape our lives in disproportionate ways. In this book, Kevin identifies eight clear exchanges that often confront us, and provides insight on how making the right exchange can have profound impact.

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Praise for “8 Essential Exchanges”

Live your life on purpose—make the 
8 Essential Exchanges. Kevin's book can be your roadmap for an extraordinary life!
Mark Miller VP of Organizational Effectiveness, Chick-fil-A
Kevin gives us a clear-cut way of thinking through important choices. So stop, take a deep breath, and read this book with optimism, knowing you can positively influence the lives of others.
Allison Ausband Sr. VP, In-Flight Service, Delta Airlines
In 8 Essential Exchanges, Kevin successfully challenges, encourages, and inspires us. His book will shake you out of mediocrity and into a life that truly matters.
Mark Richt Former Head Football Coach, UGA
Five Stars

“Inspiring and Challenging”

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