Back to Africa

Today I am heading back to Africa. This will be my second time in Kenya and my fifth time on the continent of Africa. Each time I go to teach others, I end up being the one who comes back having learned more valuable lessons- lessons that shape the way I think about the world.…

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Stability Promises

One of the most vital functions of the corporate DNA is the ability to make strategic decisions. I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill, standard operating decisions- I’m talking about the big decisions that are difficult unless you understand the importance of risk-taking and making exchanges.   What do I mean by that? Lets take a…

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Every Child Needs a Champion

Over the past few weeks the issue of education has been front and center in my life.  I’ve traveled to discuss our high school leadership program in Charlotte and Cincinnati, and last week I attended Gulfstream’s Student Leadership Program in Savannah, Georgia. There is no way around it– Education is a hot button issue and…

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