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Where They Are

August 17, 2021

Less than 2 weeks ago, the ADDO team went to Chicago for one of our annual retreats.

I intended to share some of that with you this morning – how we strategically leveraged the time to remind the team of our purpose, celebrate individuals who embody our values, and intentionally build culture – but I will hold that update until next week because some things happened on our trip that I believe give us a reminder of what matters most in life.

During the first morning of the retreat, we received the news that Marjorie had her baby. Marjorie worked with our team and me for a few years. The team loves her and her family and the group was thrilled for them. In fact, two of our team members could not make the trip as they are on maternity leave, which means lots of babies in the ADDO family! There are many happy things in life, but few top the joy of a new baby.

While the trip itself was fun and celebrating a new baby was joyful, that first evening we received some tragic news that triggered the exact opposite emotion.

Dana McArthur is one of the closest partners and friends of the ADDO team. That evening we learned that his wife and daughter were on a trip to Alaska when their sightseeing plane crashed. Unfortunately, no one survived. Unimaginable.

That morning we were thrilled for new life and less than 12 hours later we were heartbroken. Both ends of emotions in the same day, overjoyed for one family and devastated for the other.

Romans 12:15 says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.”

The charge is to be there for others in their good times and in their sad times.

I’m thankful for our team living this out. But there is a lesson for each of us in this.

We each need these kinds of friends and we each need to be these kinds of friends.

When it comes to rejoicing, are you the type of person who cheers when the people you love succeed? And are the people around you cheering for you? Your friends should want you to succeed. As the saying goes, “Your circle should clap loudly when you have good news. If it doesn’t, get a new circle.”

There are other seasons that aren’t as happy. In times of loss, others need us more than ever. And even if we don’t like to admit it, we need them as well.

Make the choice to meet them where they are.

Look at your friends this week. Are they rejoicing or weeping? Make the choice to meet them where they are.


Insights on business,
life, and leadership —
right in your inbox!