The Way You See Yourself


Social media is flooded with inspiration for us to consume. Whether it’s a memorable clip from a TED Talk or a quote from some anonymous philosopher, people share what moves them, and often, it seems profound. But lately, I’ve struggled with a lot of these messages. In fact, when I stop to think about them, I’ve started to ask myself, “Does this just sound good, or is it actually true?”

I think a healthy dose of skepticism can be a good thing. We should audit quotations or catchy phrases about faith, family, friendship, or business to see that not everything that sounds good is always honest, or even helpful. On the other hand, sometimes we can dig deeper and find the opposite is true. Sometimes a statement that, on the surface, seems too good to be true actually contains deep, applicable wisdom.

One of these quotes that falls into the latter category is one by Zig Ziglar: “You will never consistently perform in a manner that’s inconsistent with the way you see yourself.”

It feels fluffy and self-centered, doesn’t it?

“You just need to see yourself better, so you’ll act better.”

“You can’t be different until you see different.”

But if you dig deeper, you’ll find that Zig Ziglar was right. His simple statement is even backed up by deeper truth found in the Bible. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7, KJV). In other words, how you think in your heart determines who you become.

Life-change really does start with a change in our minds. So if we want to be different, we need to start thinking about things differently.

I will not be able to consistently perform well if I don’t see myself correctly.

If I don’t believe my actions have an impact on my children, I won’t be intentional in my parenting.

If I don’t see money and possessions in the right perspective, I won’t be generous.

If I don’t see myself as a leader, I won’t lead others well.

If my co-workers aren’t important to me, I won’t show them that they are valuable.

If I am not convinced my faith will transform others’ lives, I won’t consistently share it with my neighbors.

If I don’t see myself as someone created in the image of God, I will allow my worth to be dictated by the opinion of others.

The way we see ourselves and think about ourselves matters. As I’ve said many times, how we view things really does change how we do things.

So this week, don’t focus on doing anything differently. Instead, just think about your thoughts. (That seems weird, doesn’t it?)

Simply make a conscious effort to be aware of what’s on your mind. If you can change your thinking, you will most certainly change your life.

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