I am excited to share that my new book The Lens of Leadership is out TODAY!  The book is all about shifting our perspective on life and leadership.

When you hear the word perspective, I want you to think about how each of us can see things differently. Consider an ocean view. It could be from the window of a hotel condominium; it could be with scuba diving gear on about to plunge into the deep; or it could be from a helicopter with the waves rolling below. In each position, you are looking at the same ocean, but when your perspective shifts, you see the same ocean in a totally new way.

In the book, I unpack nine areas that deserve a shift in our perspective, and my hope is that each reader will see familiar things in a new way. By simply changing the way we view things, it can radically alter how we do things.

In in the introduction of The Lens of Leadership, I unpack theologian N.T. Wright’s explanation that the greatest lessons in the world are learned through contrast.

For example, look at the way Jesus taught. He didn’t just say, “I’m going to look for one little sheep that’s lost.” He asked us to imagine a shepherd that has 100 sheep and loses just one. That shepherd leaves the 99 to find the one that’s lost. A shepherd going to look for one sheep is kind of interesting, but when you think about a shepherd leaving 99 to go search for one, you feel the deep compassion and care that the shepherd has for one individual sheep. Through that lens, we see the story in a whole new light.

The same is true in Jesus’ parable of the talents. One man buries talents entrusted to him and simply brings them to the owner upon his return. In isolation, it’s not all that significant, but compared to the other men who invested their talents for the owner, the first man is shown to be lazy and a bad steward.

When you look at a concept, a principle, or an idea against the backdrop of something different, it helps us understand and see it more clearly. In the book, you’ll see that “gaining a clearer, wider, more accurate perception creates profound changes in every area of our lives.” Everyone can benefit from seeing more clearly!

Check the book out, apply these principles to your life, and please share it with the people you love.

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Today, business means more than just mere products and services. Your organization needs to stand for something. Branding is what you tell the world; leadership is how you make it come true.

No one knows this dynamic better than Kevin Paul Scott.

Companies turn to Kevin for advice on how to up the meaning-quotient in their businesses, so that employees and customers alike champion the business as if it were their own.

Let Kevin come and teach your group about how to build a business and communicate corporate values in a way that resonates with consumers.

His speeches include:
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