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Strengths Overplayed

March 17, 2020

Strengths overplayed can become a weakness.

I believe that the more we lean into our strengths, the better we are. Individuals, organizations, and societies that have unique strengths should leverage them.

But here’s the downside: When we take our strengths too far, they can turn sour and become weaknesses. Take these examples:

Strength: You’re dedicated to your work. Overplayed: You have a tendency to be a workaholic.

Strength: You move fast. Overplayed: You’re impatient when things aren’t moving at your preferred pace. 

Strength: You’re good at considering all options before you move forward. Overplayed: When there are a lot of options, you get analysis paralysis.

You get the point.

One of America’s strengths is our rugged individualism. But in this season of dealing with COVID-19, this strength overplayed can become a costly weakness. We must stand together behind decisions that are better for all—not just the individual—to keep us moving forward and out of this crisis.

Is it wise to stock up on paper products? Yes. Do you need to buy every last roll of toilet paper in the store, so there’s nothing left for anyone else? No.

Is it wise to make sure you have hand soap in your home? Absolutely. Do you need enough for seven years? Nope.

Is it a good idea to grab groceries to last you a week or two, so you’re limiting contact with people? Yes. Do you need enough non-perishable food items to get you to summer? No.

I’m proud to be an American and firmly believe our individualism is a unique strength. But let’s not overplay it in this season.

Let’s stand together, care for one another, and walk out of this Coronavirus chaos together.

One final note: In this season, as work looks different, our team at ADDO has outlined a few things that are important for us and our clients. I hope you’ll find it helpful as well.


Insights on business,
life, and leadership —
right in your inbox!