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Stop Complaining. Start Creating.

March 12, 2024

All of us are tempted to complain about the way that things are.

There are no good movies for kids to watch.
There is no great restaurant in our neighborhood.
The tools we use to communicate with our clients are inefficient.
All of the new books coming out are shallow and poorly written.
Our local coffee shop is below average at best.
The data system we use at work is archaic.

There are endless things to complain about in our rapidly evolving culture and society, but might I make a suggestion? Instead of complaining, let’s start creating.

Every single created thing is the product of a problem that a person noticed, addressed, and found a solution.

What’s stopping you from doing the same?

Create the solution. Create something to make the world better. Make something better than the bad movie, the subpar dining experience, or the terrible communication system.

The best products are created in response to real problems that we see with the world.


I’m well aware that it’s not practical for each of us to create a business every single time we see a flawed product or service, but I firmly believe that the best businesses, products, and services are created in response to real challenges that people face.

Uber was created in response to the problem of hailing a taxi at a busy time or on a busy street. Instead of chasing down yellow cars, you can call for an Uber, see the exact time of their arrival, and pay on a convenient mobile app.

HelloFresh was created from a desire for easy, healthy home-cooked meals. They answer the question, “What’s for dinner?” with easy-to-follow recipes and pre-portioned ingredients delivered right to your door. 

Angel Studios was created from a desire for high quality values-based entertainment. They are completely crowd-funded and have managed to launch hit shows like The Chosen by seeking the financial help of individuals and families who possess the same desire for excellence in both the value of production and truthfulness of the content.

The famous artist, Michelangelo, had a modus operandi: “criticize by creating.” He believed the best way to voice your complaints about the status quo was to create something to fix it.

Learn from the examples of the great artists, innovators, and problem-solvers before you. Stop complaining, and start creating today!


Insights on business,
life, and leadership —
right in your inbox!