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Spring Cleaning Our Lives

April 23, 2019

Four years ago, I published a book called The Lepers’ Lessons with my good friend, mentor, and hero Paulus Wiranto.

I’ve written three books, and to be completely honest with you, this is the book that’s sold the fewest copies. I think there are several reasons for this. Primarily, this is not a business book. Unlike 8 Essential Exchanges and The Lens of Leadership, it doesn’t have the kind of content that readily applies to consulting and coaching business leaders. It’s much easier for me to stand on stage and pick two exchanges or three shifts in perspective when speaking to a group. However, diving into an Old Testament narrative isn’t quite as easy when speaking at a conference of executives or other business leaders.

Nevertheless, The Lepers’ Lessons contains important truths and helps individuals answer these five questions:

  1. Why am I still alive?
  2. Why do I do what I do?
  3. Why do I have what I have?
  4. Who is going with me?
  5. What am I carrying on the journey?

These questions matter. And in this season of spring cleaning—the final question is especially important: What am I carrying on the journey?

In this season, we are challenged to get rid of clothes we don’t wear and clutter we don’t need—or as Marie Kondo would say, anything that doesn’t “spark joy”. In addition to those physical belongings, I want you to think about the other things you really need to let go. What do you have in your life today that you shouldn’t be carrying with you?

Maybe it’s bitterness toward that person that hurt you years ago.

Or the insecurity about a part of your story.

It might be the offense, the loss, or the disappointment.

Maybe it’s a relationship that sucking the life out of you.

Maybe it’s believing a lie about yourself or the One who made you.

Today, it’s time to stop carrying that baggage on your journey.

Let go of the hurt, the habit, the discouragement, the feeling you’re carrying from the failure.

I hope you have the courage today move past your past, to take the next step, and to walk into this new season with a fresh perspective.


If you’ve been encouraged by today’s blog, I think you’d love the rest of The Lepers’ Lessons. You can purchase it below or pass it along it your friends.


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Insights on business,
life, and leadership —
right in your inbox!