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Impact Through Action

January 17, 2023

In 2013, ADDO partnered with Chick-fil-A to create Chick-fil-A Leader Academy—a national high school leadership program focused on impact through action.

The reason we chose the phrase “impact through action” is to emphasize how real change happens. All impact comes from actually doing something. We can sit around and think about things. We can hope situations get better. We can even brainstorm new ideas that would make a difference, but impact happens through action.

Said another way: Our beliefs matter to the extent they influence our behavior. 

With this truth in mind, consider your actions throughout the day—at home, at work, and at church. Think about how you behave toward your spouse, coworkers, and friends. If you really believe something is true, it should affect your actions.

If you believe something is true, then what will you do?

If your kids are the most important, then what?
If you truly love your spouse, then what?
If your team is valuable, then what?
If your product will make a difference, then what?
If your idea could change the world, then what?
If your faith would bring hope to others, then what?
If your role at work has a purpose greater than yourself, then what?
If your contribution could increase the success of your entire team, then what?
If your child’s years at home are limited but pivotal, then what?
If your office culture is impacted by your attitude, then what?
If you care about the needs of your coworker, then what?
If the well-being of your local community matters, then what?
If you love your neighbor, then what?
If you believe in your company’s mission, then what?

The first step for all of us is to figure out what we think. What we believe. What is true. 

Once we’ve nailed that down, the second step is to ask ourselves, “What will I do about it?” Many of us say something is important to us, but our actions don’t line up with our words.

If I believe the service I am offering matters, I should work hard to sell it.
If I truly love my spouse, I should put their needs before my own.
If I am passionate about my organization’s purpose, I should eagerly pursue it in my given role.
If I believe my faith could change a person’s life, I should tell them about it!

Impact happens through action—the saying is just as true for you and me as it is for our youngest high school leaders. My hope for you today is that you’ll evaluate what you believe and endeavor to align your behavior with your beliefs.


Insights on business,
life, and leadership —
right in your inbox!