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Healthy Things Grow

August 23, 2022

Recently I was sitting and having lunch with my friend Kerry Mallory, a leader at Ronald Blue Trust. He and I were talking about organizational growth.

In both of our organizations, there have been recent positive changes. Yet, there are moments and seasons where individuals have a hard time adjusting to the change. Even when things are moving in the right direction, people don’t always feel that way.

In the middle of our conversation, Kerry said something simple and so profound,

“Kevin, you have to remember that healthy things grow, and things that grow change.”


If our organization is healthy, it’s going to grow, and as a result, it’s going to change. 

The same is true of a child. We just celebrated our son’s fourth birthday. When we look back at pictures and videos, we can see just how much he’s grown and changed. He’s not a baby or a toddler anymore; he’s a little boy. Sometimes, my wife and I feel sad about this because we miss our baby boy! But he is healthy, so he is going to grow. And as long as he is growing, he will keep changing. 

Have you ever been back to a city after years of being away? You may have a similar experience. If the city is healthy, it is likely to have more people, new stores and restaurants, bigger buildings, and more things to do. You might feel a little uneasy at first. You might miss the town you used to know, but if you can embrace that it’s a healthy city, growing and thriving, you’ll find a way to appreciate it!

Here’s one last example: Have you ever loved a restaurant and were surprised to find they had changed their menu? Maybe they simplified their selections to make sure every meal is high quality. They might have changed the names of their menu items to help customers make choices more easily. Whatever the reason, the choice was likely born from growth (or, at least, a desire to grow). 

When we can see change as a side effect of growth, we will more easily embrace it. 

Ultimately, embracing change within your organization comes down to a shift in perspective.  If we don’t have the right perspective, we won’t embrace growth, and if we don’t embrace it, we will never appreciate progress.

This week, evaluate the change you’re experiencing in your personal and professional life. Ask yourself if it’s a result of growth. If it is, embrace it! If the change isn’t progress, by all means, push back.


Insights on business,
life, and leadership —
right in your inbox!