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Get Better

March 15, 2022

We will never realize our potential if we aren’t committed to continuous improvement.

Last week I unpacked to our team a two-fold challenge – we must:

  • Dream Bigger
  • Get Better

I shared how we must not lose our capacity to dream.

However, that’s only part of the equation.

If we don’t get better, our dreams will never become reality.

So, how do we get better? For many of us, getting better seems vague and it’s often tough to measure in the small moments.

Fortunately, I’m surrounded by people on our ADDO team who excel in this area.Our president, Bart Newman, challenges each of us to pursue excellence and this practice is embodied by our people.

During our Winter retreat, I shared an example that my friend Billy Boughey shared with me from the book Atomic Habits.

The challenge was to focus on getting 1% better.


I was thinking about how I could get 1% better.

To get 1% better at speaking I need to watch previous talks to learn.
To get 1% better as a leader I need to listen more than I talk.
To get 1% better in my relationship with those I love I need to be intentional and put time on the calendar.
To get 1% better in my physical health I need to eat more vegetables (ouch).
To get 1% better in my faith walk, I need to read the Bible every day.

Here’s my 3-fold challenge for you:

  • Identify one (only one) area where you want to commit to getting better.
  • Create one specific, measurable way you can make incremental improvements to help you accomplish your goal
  • Set a timetable (30 days, 90 days, whatever you choose) to measure your progress.

I’ll admit that this is tough for me. I’d rather make big, bold splashes where I see immediate results.

If you’ll make consistent incremental improvements, you’ll see sustained exponential results.

So, keep dreaming big and keep getting better.

The world needs what you have to offer.


Insights on business,
life, and leadership —
right in your inbox!