Obedience Leads to Opportunity


Recently, I was in a meeting with some members of our team, and we were discussing a sales goal.

One colleague closed a huge sale and had been incredibly successful the week before, so I asked him in front of the others, “What did you do last week that was different from other weeks?”

He replied, “To be honest, I didn’t do anything different last week, but the couple of weeks before that, I was very intentional in my work. I just reaped the benefits last week.” His response reminded me of a quote from a great leader.

“Great doors of opportunity swing on the tiny hinges of obedience.” – Dr. Ike Reighard

My colleague chose to devote himself fully to his work by saying yes to the small, seemingly mundane parts of his job, and he reaped the benefits of a successful sale. We too will experience success if we are obedient to invest the time and effort that is necessary to reach our goals.

We must remember that the payoff does not come at the time we make the investment. Obedience requires patience and consistency to have a lasting impact on our endeavors.

When we’re obedient in sewing, we have opportunities to reap in our personal and professional lives.

The opportunity for a sale starts with consistently pursuing a client.

The opportunity for stronger relationships begins by investing time in the people you love.

The opportunity for your team to succeed starts with creating systems and structures to enable progress.

The opportunity for an online purchase is created by intentionally investing in a user-friendly experience.

The company culture you want to build begins by fostering the right environment before people walk through the door.

The fully committed church member develops through small groups and plugging into other activities.

The successful nonprofit makes a huge impact by consistently connecting with donors and providing strategic training for volunteers.

Each of these successful outcomes begins with consistent obedience in everyday actions and decisions. Open your eyes to small choices today that will create the opportunity you desire tomorrow.

The opportunity you seek tomorrow is created by your obedient investment today.

You’ll close the sale.

You’ll gain the trust of the most important people in your life.

You’ll see consistency in your team’s performance.

You’ll gain new clients through your approachable online platform.

You’ll foster a healthy and enjoyable work environment for yourself and your team.

You’ll develop committed leaders, eager to serve in the church.

You’ll make a greater impact that you thought was possible.

Each of us desire more opportunity, but we have to remember that it’s made possible by the tiny hinges of obedience. Be obedient in the small things this week, and reap the harvest of opportunity in the future.

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